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Spring Centerpiece

After what has felt like an incredibly long Winter, Spring is finally here. One of my absolute favorite parts of Spring are all the unique and magical flowers it brings. There is something special about bringing flowers into your home. It has a way of not only brightening up your space but the scents and colors are sure to shift your mood and bring in a bright and cheerful energy.

Spring brings many beautiful holidays and it’s always a good idea to have a festive and earthy centerpiece as the focal point on your table. We gathered some of our favorite flowers from a local flower shop, Westhampton Beach Flowers, and decided to keep it more whimsical. I dug into my collection of vintage vases and thought some varying colors and sizes would look nice in a shallow box. Adding different sizes and colors allows for multiple focal points and can also add some texture to your centerpiece.

Flowers we chose to use:

Tulips  |  Ranunculus  |  Daffodil

Anemone  |  Hellebores  |  Hyacinth 



Assorted Mixed Greens


1. Choose your vessel or vessels. 

2. Create a base with your filler greens.

3. Create your focal point with your taller flowers.

4. Add your filler flowers.

Step away, turn the arrangement and make sure it’s balanced from all angles.

When creating any floral arrangement, I always start with the filler greens first. It creates structure and allows for a base to then plug flowers into. Once you’ve dressed all your vases with your filler greens it’s time to insert your flowers. I begin by putting in the tallest stems first to create a focal point. It can help if you can move your centerpiece around in a circle to make sure the arrangement is balanced on all sides. Once you add height you can begin to insert the mid layer of flowers. Finally you can fill in the empty spaces with your filler flowers. It’s fun to create and most importantly to play so have fun with your arrangement and make it all your own. Happy Spring!

Jenn Neubauer can be found in her East End garden year round. She is a Garden Coach and documents her journey on her urban homestead with tips and education through her Instagram feed @hookandgarden.