Monday, February 26
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Unique Garden Decor

Spring is the time to put your decorating skills to work outdoors

Have a Seat

Hummingbirds fly through the flowers on this artistically designed Hummingbird Cast Iron Garden Bench by Painted Sky. “A bench is a nice touch in the garden,” says garden designer Elizabeth Finley. “Even if it’s in a spot where you would rarely go, a bench in a clearing, if it’s seen from a window or a walkway, is an invitation to mentally go there and enjoy a bit of relaxation amid the greenery.” $530

Planted Charm

Glitzhome 19” high hand painted red metal bicycle plant stand. This stationery bicycle stand provides a resting place for three plants while adding a touch of European charm evocative of the famous bicycle riding scene in Truffaut’s “Jules and Jim.” $79.99

Never Forget to Water Again!

Swedish-designed MOMA Self-Watering WetPots prevent over watering or under watering. A terracotta planter sits inside a handsome reservoir of hand-blown glass. Plants will absorb only as much water as they need. $34 to $74 at the MOMA Design Store.

Light Your Fire

TIKI Brand 25 inch Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit designed for portability. This attractive fire pit provides all the allure of sitting around a campfire, maybe even roasting marshmallows, while minimizing annoying smoke. $395