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Dazzling Dahlias Bring Color all Summer Long

Dahlias are excellent additions to East End flower gardens, in the ground or in containers. The plants bloom nonstop all summer until frost shuts them down; they reach their peak in many gardens in August and September…

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“Homeowners are investing in outdoor projects that increase their enjoyment at home,” says Kendra Poppy, Trends Expert and Head of Brand at Yardzen. “With high interest rates, many homeowners are delaying an imminent move and investing in creating landscaping that makes them feel happy, whole, and connected.” 

Now Trending: An Easier Houseplant

Easyplant prevents over- and under-watering. A reservoir built into the pot allows you to fill it once per month; the water is then slowly distributed to the plant in a measured, perfect way.

Start a Garden this Year!

Never tried gardening before? There’s nothing mysterious about it. Anyone can garden, and I believe everyone should, even if the garden is just a couple of plants in flowerpots.

Welcome Spring

In flower gardens and landscapes, spring begins with bulbs. Here on the East End some of the earliest — and most welcome — color in our landscapes and gardens comes from bulbs.

Viva Magenta: Drawing From Nature And History

Another year over, and a new year begins – with a new color from Pantone! Let’s all welcome Viva Magenta 18-1750, a brilliant red which represents a vibrant and exciting change from the past few years.

The Garden in Fall

Gardening is a rewarding and even healing activity, and also gives us the benefit of fresh-picked food, beautiful flowers and soothing greenery, not to mention time spent in the fresh air instead of in front of a screen.

Wee Trees

Flowers bless the world with their colors for just a short time – most perennials bloom for only a few weeks and annuals are gone in fall.

Paradise Fall

Transitioning your outdoor space for the cooler months requires a little bit of forward thinking, as well as an eye for design.

Easy Care Grasses

Ornamental grasses are super easy to care for. They adapt to different soils, they don’t need much in the way of fertilizing and watering (unless they’re in pots) and they lend texture to the garden all summer long.