Tuesday, February 27
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Deer-Proofing Your Garden

Deer take a toll on many area gardens, as the population expands and development shrinks the amount of open space on the East End.

Intoxicating Roses

Roses delight us with their colors and scents. They’re versatile, too, ranging in size from miniatures just inches high to climbers that can be trained to scale a fence or wall, or cover an arbor. Roses come in many colors, from pastels to…

Going Green With Redwood Pergolas

In the heat of summer, you may be considering an outdoor design must: a pergola as respite. Hardwood, of course, is not always sustainable, and finding an option that is both green and design-forward can be challenging…

Exciting Landscape Design Trends For Your Home

It’s summertime when a homeowner’s fancy turns to thoughts of gardens and landscape design. If that’s where your mind has been venturing lately, you’re not alone. And if you’re in the mood for something new…