How Does Your Garden Grow?

Whether in the ground, in our fashion choices, tablescapes, or home decor — beautiful gardens influence North Fork style.  

Unique Garden Decor

Swedish-designed MOMA Self-Watering WetPots prevent over watering or under watering. A terracotta planter sits inside a handsome reservoir of hand-blown glass.

Spring Centerpiece

Spring brings many beautiful holidays and it’s always a good idea to have a festive and earthy centerpiece as the focal point on your table.

Garden of Eating

Restaurants are getting green again, opening the doors to their courtyards, patios, and outdoor spaces. And we sure are glad to see it.


2022 reintroduces the idea that decor can be elegant, unique and personal — by mixing old with new. It’s the move to “newstalgia”. 

Embrace Your Green Thumb

How to start a garden: Never had a garden before? I highly recommend it! It’s easy to do, great to do with young kids — get them away from their screens for a while.

Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

But an exploding trend has emerged in design, after being out of favor for a number of decades: bright, vibrant, and playful wallpaper is de rigueur in the homes of the fashionable.

Art for Change

How do you keep your humanity in circumstances that are inhumane? For Hope Sandrow the answer is art, and specifically art as a catalyst for change.

On The Cover

As featured in the New York Times and Rue magazine, this home was completely renovated in 2016 by Hyphen & Co, designed with the concept of making every weekend feel like a vacation.