Wednesday, November 30
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James McAdam – Designer Extraordinaire


NRES sits down with americana design mogul James McAdam to ask some questions about his design philosophy…

Q: What is your design philosophy?
A: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Its not hip to just spend money…Did i just say hip? Ha! You have to look for those hidden treasures that make your home YOU! Before starting my interior design firm in 2008, I spent many years in the fashion industry. I know what’s appealing to the eye.

Q: What trends do you see for 2013?
A: Trends. I think teenagers are trendy. Skinny jeans and Justin Bieber hair. Ok, seriously. Teal velvet! I confess. I’m in love with it. Upholster a window seat and boom! You are taking a nap in the clouds. Seriously, I hope that designing green will always be a trend. It needs to be a way of life. Every designer on this planet needs to consider the environment.

Q: What was one of your more unusual design projects?
A: So many to choose from. I would have to say my most unusual design project was installing glow in the dark tiles at the bottom of my clients pool in the shape of the family dog. Picture me hanging on a scaffold with a vest and safety cords attached to me. It looks incredible!

Q: How do you find inspiration for your projects?
A: It may sound bizarre, but there is a recording device inside my head, that never stops. I’m constantly researching and finding inspiration in every thing I see and read. I drive around and constantly photograph things. Sometimes I’ll even peek inside. Don’t tell. My biggest inspiration of all. People! I was just sitting in the airport and saw this woman’s blouse and thought, that would be a great wallpaper print.

Q: What is the most personally satisfying part of your work?
A: Definitely the unveiling. When a project is complete and my client walks thru the door and cries. Hands down. Your home is your sanctuary. If I can guide you along that path then I have accomplished my goal. None of this is work to me. I’ve been driving my parents crazy since I was a kid. Every time they would walk into the house the living room would be rearranged. I live and breathe design. It’s what I do for fun.

Q: What do you like to do for fun in the Hamptons?
A: See above. I go to every open house possible. Always making notes and finding inspiration. I have my real estate license so I’m always quizzing myself on prices to see if I’m right. Will the client get the return he wants on this home if he renovates. I told you, I’m obsessed! My partner Nathan and I try every restaurant once. Our favorite is East Hampton Grill. If they let us bring our little chihuahua Bentley we would be there every night. I just learned how to surf last summer. I’m not very good. Of course I look like a complete idiot trying to stand on this thing!

James McAdam

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