Is Feng Shui a mystical practice, a science, or a form of magical thinking? For those real estate agents who put its principals into practice, it doesn’t really matter. They’ve found it can work. A while back the Wall Street Journal reported that some buildings were even hiring Feng Shui consultants to furnish model apartments in the belief that it would help sales.

The earliest form of wine storage was a clay jar, or amphora, buried in the earth. The first primitive wine cellar was no more than a hole in the ground. During the time of the Roman Empire, Vetruvius noted it was common practice to orient a wine cellar to the north because the northern edges of a dwelling were believed to be less prone to fluctuations of temperature and humidity.

  Wish you could improve the lighting in your home without bringing in a construction crew? Here’s your solution. Lighting designer Caitlin Faron doesn’t deal in quick fixes. Working in collaboration with residential architects, she creates lighting schemes for new construction and major renovation projects that are carefully considered things of beauty. But when a friend with a small cottage in East Hampton appealed to Faron for help with her randomly-lit open kitchen and sitting room, the designer, whose current projects include a 12,000 square-foot modern residence and an Italianate villa, made a flying visit to the house and took a look around. Relying on the strategic selection and placement of decorative fixtures, Faron conceived of a modest redo that would leave the ceilings intact and the space aglow with layers of light. Below are her moderate to high-end picks. (For budget options, she likes Schoolhouse Electric, Dutton Brown, Walden Wood Designs, and Phototonic Studios in addition to such larger retailers as West Elm.)