The North Fork Designer Show House

Have we got an eyeful for you! The twelve room manse of Cutchogue Presbyterian was redecorated by a new roster of interior designers. The next door neighbor, Jessica Lee, invited the Committee to use her large red 19th century barn, covered outdoor seating area with charm to die for, hoop house and primitive potting shed.

The Old Mill Inn On Mattituck Inlet

Upon returning from the War of 1812, Samuel Cox constructed a tidal mill on Mattituck Inlet. The mechanism was able to harness both the incoming and outgoing tides, and was considered to be a feat of engineering in its day. The millstone itself still exists on a corner of the building and the driveshaft still stands as a pillar in the pub.

Heavenly Hellebores

Summer is in the rearview mirror, and all too soon autumn will be winding down. Winter waits in the wings. For those of us who live here year-round, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have plants in bloom in the winter?

A Celebration In Greenport

Greenport, originally a major fishing and whaling port, was settled in 1682 and became an incorporated village in 1838. Now a quaint seaside resort town, with fine dining, shopping, galleries, boating, and fishing, Greenport is a charming place to relax and have fun.

Mark Your Calendars

On Saturday the 19th, head to Lenz for the Merlot Classic–get tickets in advance–and taste some of the world’s finest merlots with a selection of artisanal cheese. Experience the many flavors this classic rich red wine offers, including wines  from every major and some lesser known regions of the world. 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

Relationships Matter

NFRES: How would you describe your selling style? Gina Galante: You need to really get to know a buyer to determine their wants and needs. Once you have a true understanding of this it is much easier to work with a buyer and select homes that will excite them and keep their interest through the process…