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This Year’s Design Marries Natural Elements of Environment and Design 

My husband and I have been redesigning our outdoor space, with the help of Yardzen, an online platform that essentially works as a stand-in for a landscape architect. I wanted to know a little bit more about the year’s trends and attitudes toward outdoor furniture, in particular, as I planned my own great outdoor escape. “Homeowners are investing in outdoor projects that increase their enjoyment at home,” says Kendra Poppy, Trends Expert and Head of Brand at Yardzen. “With high interest rates, many homeowners are delaying an imminent move and investing in creating landscaping that makes them feel happy, whole, and connected.” 

Photo: Yardzen

Yardzen, which recently released its 2023 annual trend report, has recognized a tack toward “unfussy” styles, as well as sustainable design solutions that blend in with the native surroundings. That means hard lines, symmetry, organic shapes, and textures, the report concludes. It also means long dining tables for shared meals, an emphasis on outdoor living rooms, and an increase in plunge pools. When it comes to actual furniture, homeowners are leaning toward wellness-related pieces, like pergola daybeds, yoga platforms, and pieces that do double duty, creating a spa-like oasis (or a makeshift gym) outside. 

Major furniture retailers, like Pottery Barn, have introduced bespoke pieces (the Madera Teak Daybed, which retails for $7,499, offers a space inside for suspended interior lighting, a built-in table for drinks, and cushions and curtains that can be customized with Sunbrella fabric). And the brand is even making waves with its Shelter Co. Canvas Tent ($1,299), a cotton and polyester tent that can function as a semi-permanent outdoor structure. It’s a neutral enough addition to the yard to blend in with the landscaping and can also function as a shady pool house for guests; it’s large enough to house a queen-sized bed, couch, and even features four screened windows. 

Plunge Pool

France & Son’s sleek-lined teak outdoor furniture blends in seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The Zen Teak Platform Bed ($3,600) comes with single-color cushions and a long, luxurious footprint for lounging. Those who prefer to sit in the shade can also choose from the company’s line of sun loungers, including the top-of-the-line Savannah Twin Outdoor Sun Lounger Set with Canopy ($8,999), which comes with its own table for cocktailing. 

Since the plunge pool is of-the-moment in 2023, so is pool-friendly seating. At Rove Concepts, sustainable chairs — small enough to fit around even a petite pool — are the name of the game. The Jericho Sling Chairs ($427), available in both black and gray fabrics, are perfect for any color scheme. The chair frames are a neutral wicker and can easily fold for compact off-season storage. For a larger footprint, consider the brand’s Francis Outdoor Lounger ($1,213), a streamlined lounge chair with space on the side for a drink. 

And homeowners should think big — for their tables, that is. Yardzen found that 68 percent of homeowners were increasing their outdoor dining tables to accommodate over eight people. For that task, only the Crate & Barrel Alfresco 103” table ($1,399) will do. Bon Appétit.