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The Ever-Evolving Palette

The world of kitchen paint colors is a canvas of innovation, constantly evolving to reflect changing design trends.

Comfort us with Color

At a time of turmoil in many aspects of our lives, our need for nurturing, empathy and compassion grows ever stronger.

Going Green With Redwood Pergolas

In the heat of summer, you may be considering an outdoor design must: a pergola as respite. Hardwood, of course, is not always sustainable, and finding an option that is both green and design-forward can be challenging…

Green Living

As more people become interested in sustainability, homebuilders are responding with eco-friendly construction methods, materials, and designs. 

Light It Up

If you’re looking to update your lighting this year, you may want to have your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in design and décor.

Now Trending: Outdoor Furniture

“Homeowners are investing in outdoor projects that increase their enjoyment at home,” says Kendra Poppy, Trends Expert and Head of Brand at Yardzen. “With high interest rates, many homeowners are delaying an imminent move and investing in creating landscaping that makes them feel happy, whole, and connected.” 

Now Trending: An Easier Houseplant

Easyplant prevents over- and under-watering. A reservoir built into the pot allows you to fill it once per month; the water is then slowly distributed to the plant in a measured, perfect way.