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North Fork Style

A matter of personal preference, interior design speaks to our own personal style. Marrying form and function, the various pieces we choose come together to complement one another and create an aesthetic we will never tire of looking at.

Harping on the timelessness of the North Fork, designer Maureen McDermott loves the Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair, like this one from 1st Dibs. This modern wing chair is a classic, older piece that doesn’t go out of style and is easily recognized by others. The tufted, neutral beige fabric with walnut and alder wood details allow for a seamless transition into any space so you can put your feet up and relax.

It’s not just furniture and accessories that define a living space, but what you put on your walls as well. Artist and textile designer Elizabeth Dow’s namesake store recently launched a new textile and wallcovering collection called The Collective. Paper-backed sheer drapery fabrics with interesting weave structures add texture and structure to your walls, serving as a unique backdrop to art and other décor. Earth tones and neutral shades in numerous fabrics create a beautiful opportunity to further enhance your home.


The Surya “Haven” Rug is a favorite of Caitlin Flynn and Eylse Parkhurst, so much so they have used it twice in the same space for a North Fork Design Co. client. The wool hand-knotted rug with an antique wash comes in three colorways, including this denim emerald. It is casual and beautifully aged, and creates depth and interest to ground any space. Let it lay where it may and pull your living space together with a statement piece that will surely have people talking.


Compac is a creator of unique, man-made quartz with colors and textures that are a great marble substitute. Robert Bakes calls its performance “excellent,” and uses this solid surface for many countertops in kitchens designed by Bakes and Kropp. With a revolving inventory debuting new styles like Marquina, Venatino, and Calacatta, the latter with a polished, Glacé finish lends itself to the ever-popular white kitchen. It is just another one of those subtle details that make a big impact.