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North Fork Building Trends

The North Fork real estate market is unique in that it caters to buyers of all levels. From more affordable family homes to luxury builds, there is something for everyone and every budget. The market is also unique in that there really is no one particular style of home that can truly define North Fork architecture. One thing that builders and real estate agents can agree on is that the open concept trend remains a strong desire for homeowners, both in new construction and renovation projects. Creating more inclusive living spaces, no matter where they may be entertaining within the home, is a key function.
“By taking this approach they are able to have their personal designers establish rooms using various elements like furniture, color, wallpaper, and fabric choices,” Kyle Schadt, of North Fork Woodworks, explains of the style. “Ultimately, beginning with an open concept approach allows for flexibility and change over the life of the home, which keeps things from getting stale.”
Of other styles and building trends, the contemporary look is one that further diversifies the architectural landscape of the North Fork, shares Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty’s Bridget Elkin. She finds that many of these homes take advantage of new technologies to reduce the carbon footprint, a feature growing stronger in the industry. As custom home builders, Fred and John Seifert of Seifert Construction enjoy bringing the homeowner’s design visions to life, regardless of style. While the contemporary home can be more difficult to build, the style does lend itself to the large open spaces and incredible views that clients have come to expect.
Contemporary styles present further challenges. Patrick Miceli of Miceli Contracting finds this particular type of home to be a poor choice in investment as home designs need to have the ability to be altered to appeal to future markets. “I have clients calling me all the time to update and change the look of their properties because they can’t sell,” he says, referencing homes from the 1980s that were the most modern, exclusive buildings available on the East End. “With high building costs, these properties hold their value for a very short period. Additionally, the clientele that appeals to these designs are few.”
On the North Fork, renovations remain a strong option for homebuyers. Expanding open floorplans to outdoor spaces is a popular trend, as well as renovations include energy efficiency, such as insulation, windows, and high efficiency cooling systems with on demand heating systems. Updating kitchen and bathrooms are still one of the most important upgrades homeowners can make, which also add value to the property should they sell in the future.
While thoughts on new construction and renovation trends in homes vary, those operating in the North Fork real estate market agree that it is essential to work with the right team to make your home dreams come true. Work with a real estate agent that truly knows the market and can help you find your ideal property. Enlist architects and contractors that can work together and keep the lines of communication open, regardless of the size of your project. Now, those in-the-know answer questions about what’s trending in this new decade.

NFRES: What trends are popular in new construction now on the North Fork?
KS: Well, this is somewhat in-step with the contemporary trend – we’re seeing a lot of mixed-modern, hybrid and modern farmhouse right now. I think that simply reflects a changing market out here, where many new homeowners are looking to blend what they’re accustomed to – which is often modern/urban-influenced – into a traditional home or homestead. We’ve done some beautiful work on these types of homes over the past few years and I personally like the challenge of integrating the two styles.

NFRES: Is the open concept trend still strong in new construction? If so, why?
PM: Open concept is still very much prevalent in today’s construction. Although it does cost more in structurals, the benefit truly outweighs the cost. An open floor plan creates a much more inviting space for entertainment and family gatherings. The home seems to function better while maximizing the feel of the space. Whether it’s renovation or new builds, clients are doing whatever it takes to remove walls and open things up no matter the cost.

NFRES: Are you finding more people are renovating homes or building new ones on the North Fork?
FS & JS: It all depends on your starting point. If you have a good home as far as structurally and it works for your family, but you need more space, then maybe a renovation works for you. On the other hand, if you have an old summer bungalow with many issues, then maybe a complete knock down makes sense. You also may have regulatory issues to deal with, so every situation is different and needs to be approached that way.

NFRES: What are buyers looking for in new construction on the North Fork?
BE: Buyers are looking for homes that are low maintenance yet full of soul and character. Designers and builders have the unique ability to provide this if they’re willing to go the extra mile with interior design and finishes. 770 Old Salt Road is a perfect example. Architect-developer Winston Ely and his team at WE Design have carefully considered every detail to create the ultimate blend of aesthetic and functionality. Building a new house around existing ceiling joists and rafters to capture that aesthetic, using reclaimed wood for large format shelving and a custom 24-foot sliding door that provide seamless indoor/outdoor living are the types of details that set homes apart. High end new construction should aspire to create easy living without sacrificing personality.