Thursday, December 08
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Create Your Own Edible Kitchen Planter

As we patiently wait for Spring temperatures to warm up, we look for ways to begin to get into our gardens. What better way than to bring your garden inside with a fun DIY project. This Edible Kitchen Planter is a versatile indoor garden that will jazz up your everyday dishes and add just enough green into your space. As the season progresses, we can switch out the herbs and edible flowers to keep it fresh and relevant to the foods that are in season. Some additional herbs that can be combined or substituted in are: Sage, Parsley, Tarragon, Basil and Oregano. As the temperature warms, we can also add in edible flowers like Nasturtium and Borage. As we cook, we delight in having this close by to add flavor to our dishes on a daily basis. We’ve even created one that is specific to our cocktails as well that contains herbs like mint and rosemary. A beautiful addition to your own kitchen and a creative hostess gift to bring along with you to your next dinner party. 

Step 1Gather your Supplies

• Large deep vessel to hold your plants
• Organic All Purpose Potting Mix
• Gardening Gloves
• Garden Shovel
• Watering can
• A label to identify your planter
• Small piece of screen or mesh fabric
• A combination of your favorite herbs

Step 2

Start by placing your piece of screen or mesh fabric at the bottom of your vessel. This will prevent soil from falling through the bottom. 

Step 3

Fill your Vessel half way with organic potting mix.

Step 4

Sprinkle some organic fertilizer into your soil. I like to use Mycorrhizae Granular as it promotes quick plant establishment and provides beneficial bacteria into your soil.

Step 5

Remove your herbs from their pots and begin to lay out how your will place them inside of your vessel.

Step 6

Place your herbs into your vessel and backfill it with soil until everything is evenly covered and the soil has reached the top of your vessel. Gently press everything down. 

Step 7

Water your vessel generously. 

Step 8

Label Your Vessel how you wish. Edible Kitchen Planter!

Step 9

Bring it into your kitchen and enjoy! Make sure it has indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist (not soaking wet or sitting in a dish of water). Most herbs will re-generate with new growth but in the event that you utilize all your herbs you can always re-plant your vessel with new and fresh herbs as you need by repeating the steps above. A lovely container garden to live in your kitchen to jazz up your everyday meals. 

Jennifer Neubauer can be found in her East End garden year round. She documents her journey on her urban homestead with tips and education through her Instagram feed. Jenn works privately as a Garden Coach mentoring her clients by guiding and supporting them to create and manage edible and pollinator friendly gardens. You can contact her and journey alongside of her through her Instagram feed @hookandgarden