Tuesday, December 06
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Edible Floral Ice Cubes

Garden to table edible entertaining can add a rustic and lovely touch to your everyday entertaining. By incorporating lovely flowers and plants from our garden they lend a certain earthiness that screams summer. These beautiful flavored floral ice cubes are a great way to jazz up any mocktail or cocktail for your summer entertaining.

Ice Cube Trays
2-4 Lemons
Microplane or Lemon Zester
Lemon Juicer
Filtered Water




• Forage your flowers
• Squeeze your lemons into a separate dish making   sure to discard any seeds
• Fill your ice cube trays first with flowers 
• Zest your lemon into your tray next
• Pour a splash of lemon juice into each cell 
• Fill the remainder with water

You can make countless different varieties of these ice cubes to have on hand to dress your favorite drink. Sometimes I substitute in lime for lemon or fresh berries rather than flowers. Whatever combination you choose will add that extra note of freshness and flavor.

For a complete video on how to make these, head over to my instagram page @hookandgarden.

Jenn Neubauer can be found in her East End garden year round. She is a Garden Coach and documents her journey on her urban homestead with tips and education through her Instagram feed @hookandgarden.