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Local Saviors

If you’ve ever been to the Red Salvage Barn in Jamesport and come away …

In Bloom

Lisa Fireman Dorhout’s business card reads “Designer, Educator, …

Defining the Style of the North Fork

Interior design is a highly personal choice that doesn’t just define the characteristics of a home, but of the homeowner as well. The role of a designer is to …

Pantone Color of the Year

Come the end of the year, interior designers hold their breath in anticipation of an announcement that sets the tone for the year ahead: …

Feng Shui For Real Estate Success

Is Feng Shui a mystical practice, a science, or a form of magical thinking? For those real estate agents who put its principals into practice, it doesn’t really matter.

Taking it Up a Notch

The earliest form of wine storage was a clay jar, or amphora, buried in the earth. The first primitive wine cellar was no more than a hole in the ground. During the time of the Roman Empire

Architectural Trends

North Fork Real Estate Showcase sat down with three local architects for a Q&A Roundtable. We spoke with Mark Schwartz, the Principal Architect of Mark Schwartz & Associates; Tom Samuels of Samuels & Steelman Architects

The Midas Touch

For years the go-to metal tone of choice was silver. Think polished chrome, as de rigueur in a Hamptons kitchen as a Braun coffee maker. But the modern kitchens and bathrooms so prevalent here now beg for a measure of warmth.

It Starts With A Conversation

“We kind of fell into the furniture business purely by accident,” says Debra Gildersleeve, owner and designer of Renee’s in Mattituck concerning her and her husband, William. What started as a small boutique in 1978…

Baked Earth

Unless you’re a landscape designer or an architect or a committed gardener, you may not have heard of Siebert & Rice, but chances are you’ve seen their elegant terracotta pots from Tuscany. On the East End of Long Island, one need look no further than Meadow Lane, in Southampton, where they are a standard feature of the loveliest gardens.