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Beyond Ordinary

By Hannah Selinger - October 8, 2020

If all that white and gray quartz and marble is giving you a headache, know this: there are other design options that extend beyond the ordinary. For fresh countertop ideas, consider texture, visual interest, and more, with these extraordinary solutions.

Honed Granite
Granite might feel extremely ordinary in light of all of the possible kitchen upgrades, but honed granite is actually an interesting way to add texture without adding extreme cost. A honed finish means that the polishing process stops before buffing, creating a matte finish, instead of the traditional high-polish finish normally associated with granite countertops. Honed countertops can work well in more industrial spaces, or in more rustic spaces, and since granite is such a flexible stone, you have myriad choices when it comes to what your options are.

Poured Concrete
In addition to the seamless look of concrete, which can come in different colors and styles (this material is deceptively flexible), concrete is a durable material. Hot pans can go right on the countertop. The material is, however, on the porous side, not unlike marble, so it tends to stain. Still, it offers a customizable look that can set your kitchen apart from the white-on-white look so favored by home designers in the past five years.

Butcher Block
If you’re looking to add warmth to a kitchen with cooler notes, butcher block may be the way to go. Although wood countertops do require a fair amount of maintenance (they are, in a nutshell, not for the faint of heart) they bring a little bit of nature indoors, with a unique, rustic, and non-uniform element. They’re also useable. You can prep directly on them, so these counters are great for the home cook who is serious about a working kitchen, as long as pristine is not the end goal.

Recycled Glass
For homeowners looking for a more modern design, recycled glass countertops can offer a bold, brave new world of color and design. Many companies doing recycled class countertops can incorporate individual color schemes into the countertops themselves. Glass countertops are durable, and can withstand a great deal of heat. They are also ecologically friendly, since they are actively recycling used product. These countertops offer a textured, sleek element, but they definitely appeal to a particular kind of homeowner.

Stainless Steel
The avid home cook with an eye for sleek lines should consider stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean, and extremely receptive to high heat. Incorporating stainless steel into one’s décor opens up other parts of the kitchen to more risky decorating motifs. Stainless steel countertops may not feel like a daring strategy, per se, but it allows for a colorful backsplash, for instance. Above all, stainless steel is a strategic move for homeowners who intend to use their kitchen to its fullest capacity, but who still want it to look streamlined and intentional in the end.

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