Friday, December 08
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Seeing Green

Cutting edge technology, sustainable building materials, solar powered and geo-thermal. Modern NetZero energy homes produce as much energy as they consume.

Beach Love

North Forkers are full of awestruck admiration for the sound and bays with their miles of pristine beaches. Keeping them clean is a priority.

Summer Entertaining

Successful outdoor entertaining depends not only on a good setting but also on good food and good company and there are lots of ways to spruce up your existing outdoor space to create the perfect entertaining venue without breaking the bank.

Summer 2022: Finding the New Normal

The market is cooling, but that’s a function of supply, which has been almost completely eaten away by almost two years of record activity in response to the pandemic.

Garden Heroes

The heroes of our gardens, whose essential work mostly goes unrecognized, pollinators help plants reproduce, which helps sustain the ecosystem that in turn sustains us.

Kitchen Jewelry

Stainless steel, once the go-to for those looking to streamline the modern kitchen, is getting a field of competitors in the mid-tier field.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

With an observed uptick in kitchen remodel spending and consumer interest in leading a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it’s clear that sustainable kitchen design is becoming a major priority for many.

Edible Flowers and Entertaining

One of my personal favorite ways to use pansies is by making homemade “flower tortillas”. They are so simple to make and are sure to wow your guests.

Down by the Bay

If you’re looking to plan the best bash there is, complete with fun, feasting, and, ok, fireworks, look no further than this North Fork guide to what’s good this July.

On The Cover

Surrounded by North Fork renowned farm stands, restaurants, beaches, marinas, boating, award winning wineries and shopping.