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Seeing Green

Now it goes with everything you know

Best In Beauty 
None of Biography beauty materials are in their first life — or last. Most are recycled, come from nature, and glass is coated to protect against UV-ray degradation. Starting at $52.
Vitamin Sea 
Gurneys opens a $16M dollar renovation of its 30K sq ft Seawater Spa in Montauk utilizing healing powers of the sea & ocean fed seawater pool, caldarium, thermae, and dual frigidarium. 
Bowled Over
Spalted Bowls made from fallen Maple trees. $425-$650.
Tree Houses 
Magellan Jets & Lovango Beach Club & Resort’s green travel package: The Coral Reef Restoration Jet Card. Starting at $165K
Thirst Trap! 
Four Step Full Spectrum Filtration Purifies Tap Water. One-Touch Dispenser & Temperature Control with custom App support. $699 
Mother Nature
Anna Clejan, shamanic energy practitioner and partner at Modern NetZero, holds ceremonies on the land of each new house being built. Permission is asked before the trees are removed.
“Smudge” Wands
Ethically sourced herb, beeswax, and flower “smudge” wands. $28 each. Topiaries Floral Boutique, 51 Jobs Lane, Southampton
Recycled Rugs
Dash & Albert’s P.E.T. indoor/ outdoor rugs made with recycled plastic water bottles. $80 & up. 
Homes Of The Future
Cutting edge technology, sustainable building materials, solar powered and geo-thermal. Modern NetZero energy homes produce as much energy as they consume. 
Good Timing!
A clock that is powered by ordinary water. $26. 
Throwing Shade
Sustainably crafted grass lampshades by female artisans in Vietnam. $72-$245.
South Pacific Serveware
Artisan made, woven water vine trays. $325. 
Flower Powers 
EcoFaux botanicals transforming trash into beautiful objects. From $12.