slide4by Richard Cairns These days it seems as though every new restaurant in this country is eager to establish its farm-to-table creds. Yet if the restaurant is Japanese and the chef is ambitious, nationalist pride trumps local produce almost every time. (Certain celebrated chefs have even been known to import tomatoes from the motherland.) Stirling Sake and Sushi, in Greenport, is a notable exception to the rule.

NFRES: How would you describe your selling style? Gina Galante: You need to really get to know a buyer to determine their wants and needs. Once you have a true understanding of this it is much easier to work with a buyer and select homes that will excite them and keep their interest through the process. Getting to really know your buyer will make a more positive and successful transaction, and form a lasting relationship.

NFRES: As one of the more seasoned real estate agents on the North Fork, what is it that sets you apart from the others? Donielle Cardinale: My family roots run 100 years and four generations deep in real estate. Our roots also run deep on the North Fork, dating back to the 1940’s. I am a very active member of the community and its various organizations. I have a sincere love and knowledge of the North Fork and the people who love it. In addition, I have a background in construction, interior decorating and design, which equips me with the creative knowledge, insight and contacts to prepare your house for sale or help you turn a new house into the home of your dreams.

By Kathryn Bockino “Please do not pity them. Instead help them; do something” is not just a motto for Spirit’s Promise, a Horse Rescue Program at Blossom Hollow Ranch in Riverhead, but a mantra. The founder, Marisa Charles, has rescued thoroughbreds, Manhattan 9/11 police horses, and even horses who were at auction and about to be sold into horrible plights. With about 150,000 horses going to slaughter every year, Spirit’s Promise is a sanctuary, a haven, for these creatures that had nowhere else to go. Marisa didn’t always rescue horses. In fact, this all started because of a midlife crisis. While working for the garment industry, and then in construction, her “biggest problem of the day was what facial I would get, or what color nail polish I would be picking out.” However, once her children went away to school, she realized that she wanted to give back “to the universe.” Her husband, Jeff, was the one who suggested she should start horseback riding in order to connect with nature, and that’s when it all clicked. This would be her new, lasting project.