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Women Empowering Women

Artists from Brooklyn and New York City to the East End will come together for a group exhibition curated by Kara Hoblin and Anne Sherwood Pundyk at Borghese Vineyard, which will be on view through September 10. From the curators:

“Artist communities have traditionally played an important role in the forging of aesthetic movements, from Impressionism to the New York School. As more women take leadership roles in creative communities their influence can be seen in the development of diverse, high caliber artwork cultivated in an unbiased environment. Recent examples of this include 179 Canal, The Yams Collective, and CRUSH CURATORIAL. The artwork presented in ‘WE: Women Empowering Women’ similarly demonstrates the results of deep individual exploration undertaken within in a critically supportive community.”

Artists featured in the show include Jenn Dierdorf, Kelsey Shwetz, Dana James, Rachelle Krieger, Kelsey Tynik, Sarah Pettitt, Verona Penalba, Allegra Borghese and Emma Ballou, among others. The opening reception is Saturday, July 28 from 6 to 9 p.m.