EDIT-Landscape.indd Spring weather is often chilly and gray here on the East End, but an easy, effective way to add low-maintenance color to your property is to plant some spring-blooming shrubs. Shrubs bring color to the garden year after year. Visually they help to fill the middle ground between tall trees and shorter perennial and annual flowers. Most are easy to care for, requiring little more than removal of storm-damaged branches and an occasional pruning. Unless your landscape is very formal, you won’t need to clip your shrubs into balls or pyramids. They’ll look just fine when allowed to assume their natural shapes. Besides, flowering shrubs generally produce the most flowers when you leave them unsheared.

EDIT-Southold.indd The hamlet of Southold was settled in 1640 by English Puritans from New Haven Colony in Connecticut. It is reported to be the first English settlement on Long Island and the oldest English town in New York State. Celebrating its 350th birthday in 1990, it will celebrate its 375th birthday in 2015! A quaint village surrounded by farms, vineyards, and beaches, with Long Island Sound to the north, Southold Bay to the east, and Little Peconic Bay to the south, it is ideal for summer vacationers, retirees, and full-time residents alike.

  Although 2014 started out with a “polar vortex” over much of the country, the housing market is warming up as it continues to make a steady recovery. With low inventory, rising home prices, new construction, and a strong stock market, the housing market is predicted to be very dynamic in 2014. That story holds especially true for the North Fork of Long Island.

Jamesport Country Store 2013_edited-1 The holiday season is once again upon us. All along the North Fork, specialty shops, quaint boutiques, and local stores are filled with items ranging from chic clothing, accessories and leather goods to unique jewelry and crafts, children’s toys, luxury pet apparel, local wines, gourmet cheeses, and fine chocolates. Make your holiday shopping spree a special celebration by helping to boost the local economy and enjoy the many splendid gifts the North Fork has to offer at holiday time.