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Winter Is Coming

As the days grow shorter and temperatures dip, landscapes across the North Fork prepare for winter…

Falling Into Autumn Colors

Who doesn’t love the fall? Between the colorful leaves and cozying up indoors while the temperatures drop, this is a cherished time…

Harvest Season Is Here

Well summer, it was nice knowing you. We’ve put our bathing beach days and the hot summer sun behind us…

Price It Right

Though relatively new as a hotspot compared to other real estate markets in established, desirable areas, the North Fork continues to see an uptick in activity year after year, with some hamlets and villages, specifically Greenport, seeing a major surge…

Wee Trees

Flowers bless the world with their colors for just a short time – most perennials bloom for only a few weeks and annuals are gone in fall. But

Get Them While They’re Hot!

The Goods – Unique opportunity to own two ranch homes on the North Fork. The first ranch is a three bedroom, two bath home with a master

Celery, A Love Story

Organic celery is hard to come by on the North Fork of late. As soon as it hits the shelves, it is gone. And if you should be lucky enough to find it in

Maritime Festival Celebrates 30 Years

In an effort to honor the Village of Greenport’s past, present, and future, the East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation’s annual Maritime …