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Salt Room Pop Up

Have you heard of salt caves yet? Better yet, have you been to one? SALT Live Energized is popping up at the Sound View in Greenport to offer premium dry salt therapy (halotherapy) through November. This increasingly popular spa-like form of holistic therapy is said to offer benefits like relief from respiratory ailments as salt allows lungs to work more efficiently, better absorb oxygen, and increase red blood cell production. It also promotes skin health and overall wellness reducing stress, fatigue, improving mood, and more.

Designed to emulate Himalayan salt caves, the pink room is filled with vaporized salt, acting as a natural detoxifier cleansing the body of pollutants and impurities. During a 25 or 40-minute session all you have to do is sit back in a comfortable chair and relax as you listen to calming music and clear your mind. Try this unique experience yourself. Click here to learn more.