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Oak leaves decorate the antler of this stylish and elegant trophy by Miho (Un)expected Things.
Candles, home fragrances and artisanal soaps and lotions remain perennial favorites, as do picture frames, china/glass home decor items.
Sometimes, second acts in life are the most exciting.
The North Fork offers an abundance of bespoke food-related gifts that are perfect for seasonal shopping
Are feuding eating philosophies the new gang wars? People are getting so heated over which nutritional regimen they’ve chosen to follow that they will take it to the mat.
CBD has hit the North Fork with Zeal CBD, a line of products managed by  Natasha Van de Wetering of Mattituck and Connie and Joe Arigo of Aquebogue.
Ring’s battery-powered Steplight shines light on stairs, decks and walkways when motion is detected.
Tired of wineries in the Hamptons and on the North Fork? Try Beer!