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A collective is a group of entities that share a common interest and are motivated to achieve a common objective. For seven young artists living and working on the East End, that objective is to bring ...
North Fork-based ceramicist Chris Fanjul is a winemaker’s apprentice gone wrong. A former cellar rat at Paumanok Vineyards, in Aquebogue, he quit the business when he realized that owning his own winery wasn’t in his immediate future.
Looking at Steven Schreiber’s arresting photography, it’s hard to imagine that the 58-year-old artist only began working in the medium six years ago. After a quadruple bypass in 2011 he turned his life around, getting a degree in photography and graduating with honors.
Each August through early December the village of Greenport hosts gallery walks on the first Friday of every month. We recommend you make the excursion, but if you miss it we bring you some of the galleries and artists featured.
The Greenport artist Cindy Pease Roe makes sculptures out of beach trash. Bottle caps, old sneakers, flip flops, surf-battered plastic in various stages of decomposition, miniature dolls, sand pails, shovels, sun visors, shredded tarpaulins, and bullet casings are the raw materials of her work.
When not seen surfing or heard strumming his guitar at Ditch Plains, Montauk in his free time, Tony Villar can be found performing at open mic sessions in Riverhead, Sag Harbor, and Springs. Vines & Hops Café in Riverhead, owned by Jeff McKay and his wife Christine, is also currently exhibiting Villar’s artwork throughout the summer featuring three of his sculptures.