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Let There Be Light

Cordless lamps are stylish and convenient for use in spaces where electrical outlets aren’t readily available or where cords could pose a tripping danger. They’re safer than candles. And they come in handy during a power outage. Numerous styles are available to brighten bedside tables, desks, dining tables, and even outdoor patios and decks.

Skittle Portable Light with Wireless Charger

As brightly colored as the candy, this light features an LED bulb that glows in eight different colors. Its non-slip base doubles as a wireless charger that gives up to 14 hours of battery life from a single charge. $75 or at MOMA Design store

Skittle Portable Light with Wireless Charger MOON Cordless LED Table Lamp
As romantic as moon light, this lamp features 15 changeable colors controlled by a remote and comes with rechargeable batteries that give 8 hours of light. $67

Bill Curry for Gubi Obello Portable Lamp
Designer Bill Curry’s Obello Lamp (1971) replaces traditional base-with-shade lamps with a single, all-in-one space-age design. Its soft glow is created by two LEDs, a brighter bulb facing upward, and a dimmer bulb facing downward into the lamp’s stem. Made in Denmark.

Flowerpot VP9 LED Portable Lamp

An updated version of Verner Panton’s iconic futuristic Flowerpot lamp from 1968. Charges in 8 hours for 10 hours of light.
$315 or at MOMA Design store

Pina Pro Cordless Lamp by Zafferano America
This chic rechargeable lamp made sure diners weren’t left in the dark at coveted restaurant tables in Manhattan and the Hamptons and took off for use in customers’ homes as well. Designed by Zafferano founder Federico de Majo of Venice, Italy, the Pina Pro is available in 17 different styles and 25 colors and finishes. $149