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Honesty and Integrity are Critical

As one of the more seasoned real estate teams on the North Fork, what is it that sets you apart from the others? Our differing personalities and skill sets complement each other, which allows us to work with a diverse group of people. We treat each client and customer like family, and as such, we work tirelessly and exhaust every avenue to ensure that we exceed the expectations of whomever we are working with.

What do you both like to do on the North Fork…after selling real estate of course? We like to take advantage of the unique opportunities that the North Fork affords. We enjoy the wineries, beaches, and great restaurants. There are always tons of events going on and the people out here are great, so any opportunity to engage and interact is greatly appreciated.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a real estate agent for you? In most cases, real estate is not an impulse purchase.  It is a well thought-out investment with lots of time, energy, and emotion being spent.  The negotiating process can involve many different personalities and perspectives coming to the table and we have to navigate the process in ways that make everyone walk away feeling good about the decision they are making, which is not always easy. Sometimes you have to advise a client that a particular deal is not in their best interest despite their connection to a property or advise them that they should proceed even if it means conceding a little.  These conversations can be uneasy at times but are a necessary part of doing business.

What is the best advice you can give a 2nd homebuyer when searching for a vacation home on the North Fork? Come out and spend some time in each of the different towns and hamlets. Each locale has its unique attributes so it is good to get a feel for the lay of the land. In addition, as the market shifts, be ready to make a decision if you see something that you like. Don’t hesitate, because that property may not be available tomorrow. 

How would you describe your selling style? We consider the real estate business a relationship business. It is important to get to know the people we are working with, as we are not just selling homes, but rather lifestyles.  Whether we are working with a buyer or seller, it is important to find out as much as possible so that we can advise them in the best possible way to help fulfill their needs and accomplish their goals. Honesty and integrity are critical in putting our clients’ interests first, and it is important to tell the client what they need to hear, which may not be what they always want to hear. It’s these qualities that build many friendships beyond the sale.

Can you tell us about some of your more notable sales? We recently rented and sold a bayfront beach house in East Marion in a matter of weeks of being put on the market.  We really enjoy being by the water so it’s no coincidence that we currently have 3 waterfront listings, one bayfront and two creekfront.

What is the most personally satisfying part of your work? That’s an easy one. Knowing that we have helped someone accomplish their goals or realize a dream makes this worth doing each and every day.  It doesn’t hurt that we get to do this in the most beautiful setting, the North Fork. 

What do you consider to be the hot neighborhoods right now? The market is moving very well across the entire North Fork, especially in the mid-range of $400,000-$700,000. The convenience and amenities that Greenport offers continue to make it a draw for buyers, and Southold remains extremely popular.

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