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Creating Zen by Clearing the Clutter

After a long day, sometimes there is no place you would rather be than home. Finding peace amongst the chaos of daily life is challenging, especially in a world where the over stimulated reign. But even home can be stressful if the interior is not meeting your design needs.

Debra Gildersleeve is the interior designer at Renee’s; the luxury department store she and her husband William own on the North Fork in the hamlet of Mattituck. Offering a comprehensive design service, Ms. Gildersleeve strives to create beautifully crafted interiors for the most discerning clients. Her tips and tricks for freeing up space in your home sweet home are an easy first step in designing the serene space of your dreams.

“Clearing the clutter in your home is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to create a calm and peaceful environment,” says Ms. Gildersleeve. “Removing unnecessary items or non-functional décor from your space can instantly put you at ease.”

As every room is meant to serve a purpose, Ms. Gildersleeve feels one of the most important things to consider is that your space should be functional. “You can create a functional living space that is also comfortable and representative of your own personal style, making it cozy and beautiful all at the same time,” she says. “Multipurpose pieces that double as storage such as large ottomans as coffee tables and mirrored chests in your living room can keep unnecessary items tucked away until needed.”

With two showrooms and a design center at Renee’s, there is an endless sea of these home furnishings and décor in every style. A wonderful mixture of beachy, modern, and industrial designs can be found throughout, and Ms. Gildersleeve loves the idea of mixing the many different genres to create a unique look.

“Blending interesting pieces that aren’t necessarily matchy-matchy, but make sense together, is a fun way to decorate a space, and tells the homeowner’s story,” Ms. Gildersleeve explains. “I love mixing materials like rustic-looking wood with leather or metal accents in items such as coffee and side tables, and using a blend of linen accents and metallic dressers in living spaces. There are so many opportunities, and all lend themselves to creating that blissful environment we all crave.”

In terms of a design perspective, the kitchen is surprisingly overlooked even though it is considered to be the heart of the home and the place we most often gather. Ms. Gildersleeve says this area can easily turn from an inviting space to a functional room only. “It is amazing how much larger a space can look without all of the unnecessary clutter,” she says. “In kitchens especially, many of the items you keep on your counter tops, islands, and tables can be stored away in cabinets and drawers, and taken out only when needed. It is so simple but can be such a refreshing change.”

Make your kitchen inviting again by adding new accessories like ceramic canisters, candles, install a new backsplash, and paint the cabinets to breathe new life into this area. For added warmth, mixing varying types of lighting to add a glow and atmosphere is one of Ms. Gildersleeve’s absolute favorite tips.

Cool, neutral tones like shades of gray and cream lend themselves to a relaxing aesthetic. Furnishings and décor, even your walls, in these colors can be soothing and create a sense of Zen, especially if you’re trying to limit the number of unnecessary objects in your living areas.

Now that the season for spring cleaning has arrived, it is the perfect time to spruce up your home. With many items at Renee’s available in custom fabrics and finishes, Ms. Gildersleeve helps create the dwelling of your design dreams, and a place you cannot wait to come home to.