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Harbes Orchard Season Opening

Fall is on its way… How do we know? Apple picking season is set to begin! Marking this warm, fuzzy feeling time of year is the opening of the orchard at Harbes Family Farm in Riverhead this Saturday, September 1. Gather the family and take a trip to the orchard to pick your own apples. Early in the month, find snack-worthy Ultima Gala and Gale Gala apples, sweet Sansa, sweet and crunchy Blondee, beautiful red Rubymac, and more early on in the season. Mid-September you’ll start to find your baking favorites and other goodies. More than 25 varieties are available throughout the season.

There is much more to enjoy at Harbes this fall. Go for a barnyard adventure, navigate through the corn maze, pick pumpkins, indulge in sweet treats and farm snacks, and check out the tasting barn to try the different certified sustainable varietals during the harvest season.