MarketWatch – South Florida

Though the two were quarantined away from each other for a year, the relationship between New York and Southern Florida is thriving.

High Demand Creates a Sellers’ Market on the North Fork

It may be a new year, but the frenzy North Fork real estate agents began feeling in March 2020 has not let up. Nearly a year later, they have settled into a new groove amid restrictions and have been able to navigate the drastic changes within the market effectively….

A Seller’s Market

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the North Fork real estate market saw a swell of interest early in the season with buyers and renters looking…

A Balanced Market In 2020

The symbolic start of a New Year is exciting in the real estate market. Agents can look to the previous year, reviewing trends and successes to prepare them for what is coming up next…

Price It Right

Though relatively new as a hotspot compared to other real estate markets in established, desirable areas, the North Fork continues to see an uptick in activity year after year, with some hamlets and villages, specifically Greenport, seeing a major surge…