Marais Modern

August is an underrated time to visit Paris. In that month, it seems as though half the city has decamped to the beach.

Long Bloomers

Perennials are mainstays of many North Fork flower gardens, and for good reason. Unlike the annual impatiens and petunias and geraniums planted in pots and beds for the summer, perennials don’t need to be replanted every year.

Best Deals On The North Fork

Pristine south facing property with incredible views of beautiful Goose Creek. This home features a waterside pool, sumptuous landscaping, a new bulkhead and private dock. It’s not just the location; step into this flowing 3 bedroom, 3 bath Ranch with views from everywhere…

Unmatched Waterfront Dining at Pridwin Hotel

From the shores of the North Fork or from a boat traveling the Peconic River from the bay to the sound, a grand white structure sits peacefully atop a hill for all to see that pass by.

Living History on Shelter Island

On the East End, there’s the North Fork and there’s the South Fork, and then there’s a little something in between. Shelter Island was cool before becoming a hashtag on Instagram, you just didn’t know it unless you, well, knew it.