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The Best Waterfront Spots for Food and Drink on the North Fork

Summer has been long and hot this year (for some, not long enough — for some, too long, indeed). With fall settling in, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a gentle breeze, and maybe a cocktail or two. Locals often say that the early fall is the best time to enjoy eastern Long Island, and that’s because the crowds are a little thinner, the weather a little clearer. It’s warm, but not too warm. It’s busy, but not too busy. It’s a great time to get out and explore the restaurants you may not have made it to in the middle of the pulsing August crowds. With that in mind, why not head to the water? Find your favorite North Fork spot with a view of the blue and enjoy what Long Island has to offer. Here are a few picks for waterfront spots on the North Fork for dining with a view this month.

Perched right on the water in Greenport, PORT is sure to calm the lingering urge for summer. Dine al fresco while the weather is still as lovely as ever. Most of PORT’s menu tacks toward the light, refreshing, and seafaring, but oysters on the half shell are a particularly enticing affair, with the breeze kicking up off the water, on a September or October afternoon. With high season over, and the traffic diminished a little, these are the moments to savor.

A Lure
There are few bad views from A Lure, which is essentially a marina-facing restaurant in Port of Egypt. There are few bad menu choices, either. Whether you opt to arrive in the middle of the day, when the sun is still high, or later on, for a sundowner as the sky turns orange and pink, is entirely up to you, however. Either way, you’ll be treated to natural beauty and all the delights that the kitchen has to offer.

In New Suffolk, this legendary North Fork haunt serves up great food with a side of epic sunsets, and there is hardly a bad seat in the house. Clams and oysters on the half shell, tuna poké, mahi tacos, crab cakes, a diverse selection of salads, Alaskan king crab legs, pad Thai, and a wide selection of options for land lovers makes this restaurant a great choice for pretty much everyone.

The Halyard
Even dining indoors at The Halyard, in Greenport, located at the Sound View hotel, feels like dining outdoors. That’s because massive windows in the dining room offer a seamless transition from the interior to the view of the water. Stephan Bogardus’ season-driven menu features whatever happens to be great at the moment (in late summer, for instance: North Fork tomatoes with burrata and basil; clam chowder made from local clams and bacon; grilled Montauk swordfish served with succotash and sautéed romesco).