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Tech Savvy

Wish you had a personal assistant? The next best thing is new bits of tech for the home which will make your life easier, more efficient, more entertaining, and even safer.

Breathe Easy Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde purifies, heats, and cools the entire room and detects and destroys formaldehyde. It’s as stunning as a piece of sculpture and it’s smart too. Control from anywhere with the Dyson Link app or compatible voice services. $749.99
Who’s There? Smart doorbell cameras relieve any anxiety about who’s at your door before answering. There are numerous brands available from the simplest and least expensive to the super Google Nest Doorbell (wired) which records and stores video in the cloud. 24/7. There are monthly subscription charges for video recording. $229
Time for a treat? The Furbo Dog Camera lets anxious pet owners check on their pet’s well-being from any location and even remotely dispense treats for good behavior. $162
Sommelier Please Rabbit Electric Wine Corkscrew. Sleek cylinder sits attractively on a bar cart or a kitchen counter. Simplifies the task of opening a prized Pinot or a crisp Chardonnay for those who are not professional sommeliers. Opens up to 30 bottles on one charge. $45.98
Lookin’ and Soundin’ Good An attractive new round package houses the 4th generation Amazon Echo speaker including premium sound quality and smart home hub capabilities. It’s like Alexa got a Glamour makeover. $99.99
Night Lights SnapPower is a new type of night light that emanates from below an existing outlet. It is easy to install and doesn’t need batteries or re-wiring. It gets power from the sides of the outlet and the energy efficient LEDs can last up to 25 years. Five-pack $82.99