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Sound Bytes

By Kathryn Bockino

Let’s be honest…the North Fork is the true highlight of the Island. However, one can’t really say it’s a “secret” anymore. The North Fork is the new up and coming area where many people want to be seen, and want to live. With new real estate listings coming and going quicker than the Hamptons summer season, people cannot get enough of the Long Island Sound, the enchanting wineries, and the rave restaurants lining this Fork. This is where you want to be, work, and spend your summer nights. With these listings, now your dream of being a “true” North Forker can actually come true.

Surreal Bay Front

What do people envision when they think of the North Fork? With this property now entering the market, from here on out everyone will always think “the view.” This delightful and well-maintained 3-bedroom ranch) is burrowed right in front of the Peconic Bay in Southold. With access to a white sand beach, and close to all of your favorite vineyards and restaurants, what could be better? Well, how about 45+ acres of preserved land all around you? $999,000 doesn’t seem like too much for this unique opportunity that embodies the true lifestyle and essence that is the North Fork. Contact Nicholas Planamento from Town & Country Real Estate if interested ([email protected]). Who wouldn’t be?


Country Living (And Working)

There has never been a better time to enter the culinary business! The idyllic Jamesport Country Kitchen is now on the market for a steal of only $849,000. In the 1920’s, this restaurant used to actually be a hardware store. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that it even became a café, and then a well-known eatery! Besides its rich history, the Jamesport Country Kitchen (and two tenant occupied income producing apartments, garage, and spacious parking) is located in the heart of historic Jamesport right on the very popping Main Road. The two professional kitchens (one for catering and one for your future restaurant) give you plenty of room to explore your own creative palate. This property is exactly what city folk expect to see when they take their “country drives” along the North Fork. Contact Sheila Izzo of North Fork Real Estate Inc. ([email protected]) for more details!

Country Kitchen B

Love in Laurel

Why does a summer love have to be fleeting? Well, it doesn’t have to be for the lucky person who makes this house their home! “The Osprey Beach House” is that rare blend of modern comforts while being surrounded by peaceful nature vistas. This 3.5 acre property has an organic garden, barn, and even deeded beach rights. It is perfect for days where one just wants to nestle by the Peconic Bay with the sun overhead, and for nights where one wants to have friends over until dawn. Love has never been more enchanting, or offers a better deal. This new dream listing is only $1,950,000. Interested? Contact Sheri Winter Clarry of The Corcoran Group
([email protected]) for many more delightful details.

1503 Peconic Bay Blvd. living3