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“The Undoing” Beach House

The house made famous on HBO’s hit limited series, The Undoing, is now available for rent. Located on Rocky Point Road in East Marion, the home is available for rent for $1,085 a night.

Photos courtesy Airbnb

The property boasts 3 acres of land with Sound views, 300 feet of private beach and a swimming pool. The listing says the home was built in 1893 to use as a coast guard lifesaving station. (Its distinctive five-story tower was apparently removed through the magic of filmmaking, however.)

The current owner is a film and television director, who also used the home as a location in a 2014 episode of HBO’s Girls. As reported in the Northforker, the production decided to set an episode on the North Fork after Lena Dunham stayed with the director for a weekend and was taken with the area.

The Undoing director Susanne Bier and set decorator Keri Lederman told Architecture Digest that the production team kept many of the home’s vintage furnishings intact to help achieve the desired old-money look and feel of the home, which in the show belongs to Kidman’s patrician father. “We wanted to maintain the sense that this house hadn’t been radically changed,” Bier told AD. “It’s like when people have a holiday home. And part of the joy is visiting it and knowing that the cup you used to drink from is still there. She still has that childhood experience running on the beach. All those things are tied up in the atmosphere.”