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It’s All About the Lifestyle

slide5If you’re considering retiring to the North Fork, you might want to explore community living. At Peconic Landing, a retirement community located in Greenport, members experience retirement on a whole other level. There, neighbors spend their days enjoying community events and dining with friends. There’s also the benefit of hassle-free home ownership. What’s that you say? Laurelle Cassone, Director of Sales and Marketing for Peconic Landing, explains it all, as well as how community members make the most of the Peconic Landing lifestyle.

Why should you consider living in a community like Peconic Landing?
Community life offers many intangibles that you can’t appreciate until you actually live here. What our members come to find is that they are surrounded by like-minded individuals who become their friends and their peers, who share similar experiences and interests. Before you know it, life becomes filled with social outings, wellness opportunities and dinner with friends. You can be as private as you’d like, or as involved as you’d like. Either way, everything is at your fingertips.

Is it different from owning a home in the traditional sense?
In my opinion, it’s better. When purchasing into a community, you are given access to all of the lifestyle amenities your community may offer, and that will differ by location. But what’s more, is you’ll find yourself surrounded by warm and inviting people with an opportunity to make new friends and explore new passions.

You describe membership at Peconic Landing as “hassle-free home ownership” but what does that really mean?
You have all the benefits of being a homeowner – including the opportunity for appreciation and tax deductions – without any of the responsibilities. Our grounds team will handle everything from gutter cleaning to snow removal, with weekly visits from housekeeping to make sure things are looking pristine. If an appliance needs replacing or a lightbulb needs changing, our professional maintenance team will handle that too. This means you can forget the “honey-do” list and instead spend that time enjoying the things you enjoy most.

How do you help people decide if it’s the right fit for them?
We get to know our clients personally so we can cater to their individual needs. We help them to envision what life would be like if they chose to move here. People can have misconceptions about the benefits of community life, and the best way to ease those concerns is to let them experience it for themselves. We offer community tours and luncheons in a casual setting and the opportunity to “Experience the Lifestyle“ and visit the community for a four-night stay. This program is extremely popular, and each person’s visit is completely tailored to them.

How is Peconic Landing different from other communities on the North Fork?
Aside from hassle-free home ownership, Peconic Landing offers what’s called a Lifecare contract, securing access to long-term care at no additional cost for life. We are one of just 11 Lifecare communities in the state, and the only community offering equity-ownership and the potential for appreciation. By becoming a member of Peconic Landing, individuals can access services in our Health Center with no increase to their monthly service fee. This protects members and their families from the exorbitant costs of long-term care while preserving a legacy for their loved ones.
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