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Broker Showcase with Sean Nethercott of Beninati Associates.

We had the great pleasure recently to interview Sean Nethercott of Beninati Associates, a seasoned and knowledgable North Fork resident.

HRES: The North Fork is a unique market, would you agree and why?
SN: I agree 100 percent. The North Fork is a very special place. It still retains its laidback small town feel however it is gradually turning into a soughtafter destination. Land preservation and landmarks preservation add to the allure because they ensure much of the charm will be retained. I see a lot of
millennials from Manhattan and Brooklyn attracted to the area because of this. Greenport Village, in
particular, draws many of these buyers because they can get away from the hectic city life and relax
without the need of an auto – they use the Jitney or railroad and can walk to almost anything in town!

HRES: Can you tell us of some of your more notable sales?
SN: My most notable sale was actually my first. sale. It was a property bequeathed to an art museum by the prior owners who were sculptors. During the final walk through we found two large wooden crates that were overlooked by the museum. Inside were plaster molds for sculptures that were never made and the museum wanted the molds to be destroyed. On the morning of the closing a colleague and I broke all the molds and documented the result with pictures that we sent to the museum before they would close. I showed up to the closing covered in plaster dust! Talk about doing what it takes to make a deal! In the end our clients get results and are pleased with our high standards of service.

HRES: What is it that distinguishes you from your competition?
SN: Providing the level of service I do for our clients. We, as a firm, are very service oriented and
always go the extra mile – whether it be unique staging, being on hand for every showing, and even checking on homes especially in the winter while clients are away.

HRES: What is the best advice you can give a 2nd home buyer when searching for a vacation home on the North Fork?
SN: Keep an open mind and be flexible. While a property may not be located directly on the bay, or the kitchen and bathrooms may be dated, I have seen many buyers turn a home’s shortcomings into opportunities and make their new home something spectacular, and in most cases, adding value.

HRES: What do you like to do on the North Fork…after selling real estate of course?
SN: I love to get out on the water anyway I can. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach or getting out on a boat or kayak. Having grown up here I have a good knowledge of the waterways.