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Getting Ready For Summer

While the North Fork has become more than just a summer destination, there is a noticeable lull of activity in the winter months. Eager for warm weather and longer days, a lot of work goes into preparing for the summer season now. Refreshing interiors, landscaping, opening the pool, and, for those new to North Fork real estate, finding the perfect home to be in place for summer are just some of the work going on now to prepare for Memorial Day and beyond. 

Disregarding the notion that the East End is reserved for summer vacation, new owners of North Fork homes tend to use their properties as much as possible, regardless of season. Kristen Rishe, a real estate broker with North Fork Real Estate Inc., finds clients coming out at least once a month, if not every weekend. As to what new buyers are looking for now, it’s not a project.

“The modern buyers are looking for houses totally updated,” Rishe explains of the current North Fork real estate market, mentioning the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home at 256 Pier Avenue in Jamesport listed for $1.1 million as a prime example. “They don’t seem to want to do any work, they just want to get to the North Fork and enjoy. They don’t have a lot of time available so they aren’t interested in renovation projects. The houses that are turnkey sell a lot faster than houses needing work or fixer-uppers. This includes all price points.”

To help clients who do not spend as much time on the North Fork as they would like, or for those who simply desire to maximize their vacation time, North Fork Real Estate Inc. is part of a collaborative partnership that combines the luxury management experience with local real estate knowledge. North Fork Management Group, LLC is a full-service property management service that protects clients’ investments and offers them peace of mind. 

“Our services during the summer months switch from keeping an eye on pipes to watching pool water levels and anything in between,” Rishe explains. “Our clients rely on us to continue to watch their homes and keep ahead of any maintenance issues that may arise before they arrive for the weekends. We will turn up the AC, put the cushions out on the yard furniture, have the house cleaned, and even meet contractors to have the leaky faucet fixed.”

From a design perspective, North Fork summer homes are meant to serve as an oasis from everyday life. Large or small, the feeling of open space and being able to cook and entertain guests is sought-after for many. Accredited home stager Sandra Wittich of North Fork Interiors, who is also a licensed real estate salesperson with Douglas Elliman, says people coming out to the North Fork are not looking for a replica of their interior weekday/work week surroundings in their home. Rather, design should complement the idea that they are here to relax.

“They love homes with bigger than usual sized windows, rooms that will allow nice light and space where they can retreat to read a book or step away from it all,” Wittich explains. “From a view perspective, it may just be a great backyard that brings more of nature inside the home, which they may not have in a Brooklyn loft or a spacious town home in western Long Island. After all, not everyone wants a pool and a big yard to maintain but they do want to feel they’re on vacation once the Long Island Expressway ends.”

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