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Celebratory Wines

Invites for holiday parties are going to be rolling in and to prepare, we suggest going with a classic hostess gift – wine. Better yet, something bubbly to toast the holidays. It’s easy to keep on hand for your own celebrations and last-minute gifts as well.

Sparkling Pointe is Long Island’s only-sparkling winery. Opt for the classic Brut with its lively and effervescent body is perfect for all celebrations. The rosé centric winery, Croteaux Vineyards, has a few pink sparkling wines to choose from. One of our favorites is the ‘Chloe’ Sauvignon Blanc rosé (call to purchase and for sale prices!). Pick up some bottles of Lieb Cellars’ reserve sparkling Pinot Blanc that is both delicate and refreshing. For the hostess with a little bit of a sweet tooth, try Pindar’s raspberry bubbly, made in the methode champeniose from Pinot Meunier grapes with a raspberry dosage.