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Broker Showcase – Nicholas Planamento

NFRES: As one of the more seasoned real estate Associate Brokers on the North Fork, what is it that sets you apart from the others?
NP: My choice of affiliation with Town & Country! We are the largest independent brokerage firm on the East End – as such – my “boss”, Judi Desiderio, encourages T&C agents to be the star in their own market and to work together with colleagues – referring buyers/sellers between all of our offices serving the hamlets and villages of the Hamptons, Shelter Island and North Fork – it’s a competitive advantage that other agencies just don’t have or utilize, the friendships and professional relationship established truly aide me in all aspects of my career. Also, unlike many agents who are ‘part timers’ or retirees with 2nd/3rd careers, I am a full-time professional – available, basically 24/7 for my clients and customers – that truly makes a difference.
NFRES: What is the best advice you can give a second homebuyer when searching for a vacation home on the North Fork?
NP: First I’d share that while a majority of my business is in the 2nd home/luxury market – I am also a successful and seasoned broker helping first time home buyers and year-round residents alike. I truly encourage any committed buyer to engage local professionals (home inspector, attorney, etc) to work with – also, that they should be preapproved by a lender so that they know parameters of what will work for their personal needs during the property search… and the most important thing is to fall in love with a property – and not to ‘settle’ – while some will suggest that it’s easy to move [again] – for many, a home purchase (even a second home) remains a long-term investment.  I’m here to help guide you.
NFRES: What do you like to do on the North Fork, after selling real estate of course?
NP: The good news is that ‘selling real estate’ is more than a career – it’s truly a lifestyle – and I have the good fortune to live and work in one of the most spectacular places…so – when I’m not working – well, I’m still working! But enjoying myself in a different way. Building relationships and exchanging information… and even selling a property can occur while I’m out sailing the Peconic Bay on our boat “Jaunty” or walking the shores with my Golden Retriever, DeWitt.
NFRES: What is the most challenging aspect of being a real estate broker?
NP: Keeping up with technology is always a challenge.  And while not quite a dinosaur, I’m not a ‘techy’ person – I’m ‘creative’.  I find that things today move at lightning speed and there are so many NEW developments each week on the internet and in the App world – that it’s difficult to navigate sometimes – I’m able to engage these changes for the benefit of my clientele as a result of the exceptional ‘support’ team that my colleagues and I share at Town & Country.