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Broker Showcase: JoAnn Wind


How would you describe your selling style?
A client once thanked me for my polite persistence. I think that best describes the approach to my selling style. I try to give my clients and customers the space they need to make the right decisions while helping them navigate through the sometimes daunting buying and selling process. I also strive to keep the process as stress free as possible and work together with everyone involved towards a successful sale.

Can you tell us about some of your more notable sales?
I had two sales that were very important to me. They were both to young local couples that were born and raised on the North Fork and wanted to own a home in the community where they had their roots. It was the year of the First Time Homebuyer Incentive Program. We had to do some very creating financing but succeeded in making both couples new homeowners.

What is the most personally satisfying part of your work?
Making the perfect match of buyer and seller. You see it when a buyer walks into a house and their face lights up. You have just connected the two puzzle pieces that sometimes you have been working towards for a very long time. Then guiding them through the buying or selling process and seeing the joy when the keys are transferred at the closing table. Another happy ending!

What is the best advice you can give a 2nd homebuyer when searching for a vacation home on the North Fork?
My advice in the past to buyers was to remain patient and wait for the right house to come along. In this current market, I suggest that they move quickly, as properties are not staying on the market long enough for them to linger with a decision making process. If they want to be in by this summer, start looking now and if they find something they like, don’t hesitate make a move.

What do you like to do on the North Fork… after selling real estate of course.
My attraction to the North Fork is my love of the sea and its surrounding nature. My favorite places to be are on a boat, on the beach, in my garden or taking long walks with my camera. I also enjoy shopping at the local farm stands and seafood markets and cooking whatever is in season that week, biking through the back roads of wine country and playing a good game of tennis.



JoAnn Wind
Real Estate Salesperson
631.477.0013 | c 631.764.3847
[email protected]