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Broker Showcase – Janet Markarian

NFRES: As one of the more seasoned real estate agents on the North Fork, what is it that sets you apart from the others?
JM: Perhaps it’s my background in the arts and history, and  I hold an MFA in Textile Design and Textile History. I had a Fulbright to study traditional weaving in the Andes. I taught at the university level and worked for years as textile conservator at the Metropolitan Museum.  So I have a passion for conservation and preservation, traditional architecture and beautiful spaces and landscapes.
NFRES: What do you like to do on the North Fork…after selling real estate of course?
JM: Whatever spare time I have I still work on my business, Orient Linen Company. I love fabric, good linen and designing my products.  Also I enjoy working in my garden, having friends for dinner, making a pie.
NFRES: The North Fork is a unique market…would you agree and why?
JM: Yes, the North Fork is totally unique, a well kept secret for years. There’s the incredible natural beauty, amazing light, the farms, abundance (but never enough) of land in conservation, historic architecture, the incredibly diverse, involved and talented community.
NFRES: How would you describe your selling style?
JM: Everything I know about sales and customer service, I learned in my shop, selling tea towels.
NFRES: What is a typical day like in real estate for you?
JM: There’s no typical day in real estate…not for me. I like that. It’s  hard work, and very challenging – a real study in human nature.
NFRES: Can you tell us about some of your more notable sales?
JM: I’ve had quite a few memorable sales,  but the most personally rewarding recently is helping a young enthusiastic, hard working local couple and their three children buy their dream home. It’s a perfect fit.

Janet Markarian
Real Estate Salesperson
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