Deluxe Decadence

Two tables away a Chocolate-Caramel Tart arrives with a candle, accompanied by audible oohs and ahs from its recipient. Across the room a bottle of Veuve Clicquot is poured into the glasses of a table of six.

It's All About the Lifestyle

If you’re considering retiring to the North Fork, you might want to explore community living. At Peconic Landing, a retirement community located in Greenport, members experience retirement on a whole other level.

It's All About the Combos

When do one and one equal more than two? This is not a trick question. There is a synergy created when pairing wine and food. To drag out an old maxim from math class (or was it science?): the sum is equal to more than its parts.

Holiday Goodies on the North Fork

From Orient to Mattituck, holiday shopping is always a special treat on the North Fork. Goodies can be found in the many local shops, stores, and boutiques that dot the landscape all along the North Fork. Featuring beautiful antiques, unique jewelry, great books, locally made candles, vintage furniture, gourmet foods, luscious chocolates, and more.

Artists You Need To Know

Each August through early December the village of Greenport hosts gallery walks on the first Friday of every month. We recommend you make the excursion, but if you miss it we bring you some of the galleries and artists featured.

On Sea Captain's Row

Anyone who has ever considered buying a historic home at the low end of the price scale must be prepared to look beyond modern ‘improvements’ (vinyl siding, metal roofs, sheetrock) and make a concerted effort to picture the home as it was in the past.

There Will be Pirates

Each year, for one weekend in September, for the last twenty-seven years, the North Fork town of Greenport is host to the East End Maritime Festival, a three-day community-wide celebration of local nautical history.

Sound Bytes

The summer is winding to a close, and the mad rush of preparing to send the kids back to school is about to begin. But before we say goodbye to the lazy days at the beach, and the long nights out, there still is one place on the North Fork that beckons to us: Greenport.

A Piece of History in Greenport

Not long ago, running a business in Greenport was strictly a seasonal affair. If you were a shopkeeper, you shut your doors in the winter as soon as the last tourists left (unless, say, you sold, coffee). In recent years, however, increase in year-round residents has got some business owners making it through the winter.

When in Orient...

What with all the quaint towns on the North Fork, it seems unfair to play favorites, but there’s no denying that  with its gorgeous old houses, leafy streets, and syrupy marine light, Orient has a charm all its own.

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